Volunteer Opportunities

How do I volunteer?   Want to help?  Look at the committees listed below.  If you are interested, click on the link at the bottom of this page for our downloadable form. Complete the form and return it to Student Services or email it to the address on form.        

MHS PTSA Committee Descriptions:

     Breakfast of Champions: The Breakfast of Champions is held twice a year and recognizes students who have been nominated for their outstanding behavior toward others. The committee solicits and gathers nominations and is responsible for planning and executing the breakfast held on the MHS campus.    

Class Liaison (Educational Resource): Coordinates with outside resource agencies to present programs and provide information for parents and students on-campus (information about TOPS, FAFSA, ACT/SAT prep, etc.)    

Cultural Arts: The committee is responsible for executing the three art contests sponsored by state and national PTA. Committee will advertise, solicit entries, determine MHS winners and provide those entries to District PTA for competition.  Please see our Cultural Arts Page.

Fundraising/Grants: Responsible for researching, writing and submitting donation requests and grant applications on behalf of MHS PTSA. MHS PTSA fundraising does not require students or parents to participate in sales of any type.    

Hospitality: Coordinate hospitality events for teachers and parents at Mandeville High; provide assistance to student events like, but not limited to, Skipper Scholar Breakfast.  

Library: Serve as the liaison to the school librarian and assist in the library as needed.   

Lunchbox: The Lunchbox is maintained in the Commons and is open during lunch periods to sell a limited amount of school supplies and MHS logo merchandise. The funds generated by the Lunchbox are a major source of the PTSA’s operating budget for student programs. Two volunteers serve as salespeople during the three lunch periods each day and the roster is managed to allow the maximum amount of volunteers possible to participate.  Please see our Lunchbox page.

Membership: The Membership Committee is chaired by the Administrative Vice-President. Committee members assist the Chair in developing recruitment and retention strategies; organizing and executing membership drives and maintaining membership data.    

Teacher Mini-Grants: Teachers are encouraged to submit requests for specific items/projects that will enhance the learning environment for their students. Requests are reviewed and awarded annually in the spring as funds allow. The committee distributes guidelines, solicits requests, and evaluates requests for funding awards.    

Parliamentarian: Acts as a consultant to assure that meetings and processes are conducted in accordance with bylaws; advise on parliamentary procedures using Robert’s Rules of Order; bring current copy of By-Laws to all meetings.    

Skipper Pride: This committee encourages student participation at any school event like concerts, plays and sporting events by providing a one-time allowance to each student group which applies for ticket funding. Their purpose is to encourage pride in school activities by providing a specific amount of free student tickets.    

Skipper Scoop Newsletter: The Skipper Scoop is a monthly, on-line newsletter that covers life here at Mandeville High.  For past Skipper Scoop issues, please see our Skipper Scoop page.    

Skipper Scholar Breakfast: The committee is responsible for planning and executing the breakfasts which recognize students who have earned a 3.5 or higher GPA. The breakfasts are held twice a year and are a long-standing tradition at Mandeville High.    

Student Care Program: This committee was formed in fall 2016 to support student’s emotional and mental health, and to identify practical strategies for use by our school leaders to combat threats like bullying, alienation, and substance abuse. The committee sponsored their first event in January 2017 – two assemblies for all 1950 MHS students. The Student Care Program will be expanded to include supporting physical well-being (as defined in the national PTA website) and will include the missions of the current Health and Safety committee (vision/hearing screenings and Student Services supplies).  Please see our Student Care Program page. 

Talent Show: The annual student talent show is conducted in honor of Tyler Thomas, a member of the Mandeville High School Class of 2003, who was killed in a car accident his senior year. Committee members plan the event, solicit contestants, publicize and then conduct the talent show.    

Volunteers: The coordinator gathers all volunteer submissions and is responsible for sorting, updating, and maintaining the volunteer rosters. Responses are sorted by committee, and provided to the chair of each specific committee.        

Website Management and Mass Media: Responsible for soliciting, gathering and publishing information through electronic communication to our Members and the public in three ways:  Our Website, our Facebook page and our weekly Friday Compass email.         

New Student (and Parent) Guidebook to Mandeville High: Remember when you and your student were brand new to MHS? The questions you had and the answers that were difficult to find? Wouldn’t a (dummies) guide have been nice? We think so too.  Please consider being part of the project start-up group.    

MHS Alumni Outreach: The committees’ first mission is to create a data base of Mandeville High Alumni interested in developing and participating in a MHS affiliated alumni group. The committee will identify and define their purpose and goals for the future as they meet and work together.